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Anticipation and satisfaction - part 1

emotional wellbeing perspective May 09, 2022

This is a topic I bring up with potential clients: "Do you live a life of anticipation and satisfaction?" This means:

Do you wake up every day (or almost every day) with anticipation that you get to be YOU today?

Do you go to bed every night (or almost every night) with satisfaction that you were the best you could be that day (even if it wasn't very good)?

Of course, for most people, the answer is NO.

I love the fact that I get to help individuals and teams get to the point of anticipation and satisfaction. I love watching people learn to identify and manifest their strengths while coming to acknowledge their deficits with loving lack of criticism, blame, and judgment. I love watching the momentum build and positive changes occur and seeing people really living life instead of rolling down the pathway of their ruts.

But we forget. I forget.

We forget that the process never ends. Sometimes life throws us for a loop and we get reactive and, once we get to the other side, we forget to look ahead and we keep looking down and back. And we get in a rut again. Sometimes "GOOD" turns into "good enough" which turns into "as good as it gets" and we settle into a life of complacency. Sometimes our gratitude turns into expectation and we place our well-being on people, places, and things outside of us. And sometimes life is just too life-y and we take the easier, softer way.

I forgot.

I forgot that I am better than I have let myself settle into. I forgot that demanding others step up and give me what I want and what I need is different than asking with love and acceptance of whatever they decide. I forgot that all these setbacks are not new, not different, not the end...and I have overcome their ilk in the past. I forgot.

Does this mean my life sucks right now? Absolutely not! I have an amazing life. And I forgot that it gets even better.

And it already has. Today.

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